Limited Edition Comfort Style T-Shirt

Not your ordinary cotton t-shirt!

This Lost Creek Comfort Style Shirt has a modern loose fit cut that offers all day comfort with a woven cotton that naturally wicks sweat away through air circulation.

This shirt was created with a wider neck and and lower cut shoulder,  creating a cool breeze all day long!  Ever get tired of armpit chafing?  This comfort design takes away that and has room for consistant movement and airflow. 


Front: Lost Creek Text

Back:  Hand Drawn Adventure Design on Back



100% Cotton

The Lost Creek Comfort Style JEEP Shirt

  • Do not place in dryer unless: 

    Small and Large sizes tend to fit a bit big, the overall shirt will fit big as it is modern loose fit style,  if the shirt is too big,  dry for 20 min on high heat.