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From humble beginnings in the Lost Creek area,  we understand the seeking of the American Dream.  We want to help invest back into the community that helped build who we are today.  Appalachian roots are deep roots. Deep roots that grow strong will continue with you wherever you should wander on this earth.   From the days of Daniel Boone,  those before us have long recognized the natural beauty of the Appalachian range.  That's why we at Lost Creek Co. are giving back 1% of our profits to invest back into the community that was so much apart of our upbringing and helped build us into the the people we are today.  By giving back, we plan to help preserve natural beauty in Lost Creek,  Kentucky. We also want to invest back into building the community.    Every time you make a purchase from Lost Creek,  know that you are helping preserve and restore the love for natural beauty and our wonderful outdoors!

~   Matt & Ryan

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